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Russell & Bromley and MWC Partners: An Evolving and Enduring Partnership

26 May 2021

In April we wrote a blog post about how our relationships with our clients last for many years, and in some cases, for decades. That’s because we work with our clients to properly understand their needs, and we act for them as if their business were our own.

What does that mean in practice? It means we don’t rush to sell the wholesale replacement of turnkey systems (though there are certainly times when that type of strategic solution is the right one), but, instead, we work to find solutions that meet or exceed business requirements and which are, critically, also cost-effective. We have found that this is the best way to maintain client satisfaction and, at the same time, to maximise shareholder value.

Our relationship with Russell & Bromley is an excellent example. We first started working with them in 2013 to help resolve technical issues with their existing implementation of Retail-J. In the eight years since then, we have worked on numerous IT initiatives and projects for them, providing a wide range of services including consultancy, development, integration, rollout, management and support.

We have offered independent strategic advice, developed and integrated new software applications to provide new functionality, optimised the performance of Russell & Bromley’s store systems, managed the selection process and procurement of new POS hardware and the process to select a payment service provider, assisted with the upgrade of Retail-J to Microsoft D365 POS, and developed a payment connector to integrate Adyen payment software with Microsoft D365 POS.

To quote Sue Graham, Head of IT; “Seventy-five percent of our satisfaction with MWC Partners is that the job gets done, but it’s the planning, the project management, the communication – it’s really good. I can’t find fault with them. I really do feel that working with them is partnership.”

This case study reviews how the partnership between our two companies has evolved and strengthened over the years as trust has been built with each project successfully delivered.

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