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Systems Integration

MWC Partners are specialists in retail systems integration. We have decades of experience of integrating point solutions and turnkey retail systems including POS, payment, head office and eCommerce systems.

We begin each integration by working with our clients to understand their business objectives and IT strategy. As part of this process we provide independent advice and consultancy to help our clients determine the best way to achieve business requirements.

The key to any successful retail systems integration is the design of interfaces. Our team are highly experienced in designing and developing interfaces, as web services or in conventional formats, across a range of technologies and across the major software platforms.

Many of the integrations we undertake arise from retailers’ need to fill gaps in software functionality. Quite often the most expedient and least disruptive approach is to develop new point solutions, as either discrete new applications or extensions, and integrate them with turnkey systems. We have a development team dedicated to this task. Recent examples include a stock counting application for store-based hand-held terminals, and a loyalty solution integrated with a client’s head office retail system. We find this approach helps retailers derive maximum value from their software investment.

Some of our recent retail systems integration work has centred around the development of new omni-channel capabilities, and integrating them with existing systems. For example we have integrated POS and head office systems with eCommerce solutions, and we have developed new point solutions and extensions to close gaps in our clients’ omni-channel offer. We can help with capabilities such as:

  • click and collect
  • accepting web returns in-store
  • checking in-store stock availability
  • ordering from a retailers’ website while in-store

We also design, build and implement payment connectors to integrate POS systems with payment service providers.

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