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Can Retail IT Client-Supplier Partnerships Last 20 years?

15 Apr 2021

Many of the relationships MWC Partners have with our customers start with a common request: can you help us solve a problem? Retail IT teams understand the complexity of the systems they operate to run their businesses, but even the best resourced teams turn to specialists for support with urgent, intractable or non-core IT challenges. And with many retail IT departments choosing to outsource large areas of operations, there are often gaps in capability, particularly in peripheral activities. This is where MWC Partners excels: in providing specialist knowledge and expertise, scaled to the size of the challenge: from a few days consultancy to rectify system issues, to  independent advice, system design and implementation and the ongoing support of major turnkey systems.

MWC Partners are adept at taking on projects, consulting with clients and providing solutions that meet or exceed business requirements. Our approach always is to identify how we can solve IT challenges strategically and cost-effectively. The wholesale replacement of major systems may be desirable but there are often ways to deliver IT objectives at a fraction of the cost.

We’re well known in the retail IT sector as a trusted pair of hands. We understand the impact of a system failure or a missed delivery schedule, and so we are committed to providing quality solutions underpinned by service excellence – for every client and every project.

And so our clients trust us to deliver. That is why the relationships we have with our customers evolve over time, from project to project. Through the provision of expert advice, client relationships that start with a request to help stabilise and support legacy systems often lead to projects designed to streamline store operations, integrate new POS and payment systems, and migrate turnkey systems – ultimately leading to partnerships that endure for many years and in several cases, for decades.

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