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Payment Integrations

MWC Partners’ digital payments team design and develop payment integrations between PSPs’ payment solutions and POS systems, and we provide advice in shaping the architecture and processes which underpin successful integrations for the retail store environment. Our team also build payment connectors to integrate payment solutions which utilise new types of digital payments in retail – such as digital wallets, QR codes, Buy-Now-Pay-Later and Pay by Link.

The key to any successful payment integration is the design of software interfaces. Our team use an integration template developed and refined over the course of several years to facilitate the building of payment connectors.

Discovery Call

We start by understanding the PSP and POS solution architectures to determine whether the integration will be direct to terminal or host to host. Then, using a functions and features questionnaire, we look at the PSP functionality, and what can be activated through the payment connector, and explain any constraints associated with integrating the POS solutions.

Specification and Proof Of Concept

Based on the information obtained from the discovery call, and subsequent meetings and workshops, we write a full functional specification. This forms the basis of the integration. We then develop an initial skeleton proof of concept which proves the basic data flows and that the APIs work as documented.

Development and Testing

Once the concept has been proven, we complete development according to the functional specification to produce a working payment integration. This is passed to our test team, who test the solution on a test rig, ready for handover to the client for validation.


The PSP rigorously tests the integration in their own test environment against the functional specification to ensure that it works as expected. Our developers are available to make any changes during this phase as necessary.

Training and Rollout

We package the software so that it can be deployed remotely and automatically. We deliver training to the PSP on how to configure, install and support the integration. And we provide installation guideline documentation. We can also support the PSP with their first pilot customers.

Future Integrations and Enhancements

We form strong partnerships with all the PSPs we work with. As our clients add new features to their solution, or the POS software authors introduce new functionality, we can enhance the payment integration too. We can provide support, consultancy and implementation assistance.

For more information or to discuss your next POS project, contact us.

MWC Partners are an associate member of nexo standards and a participating member of its technical working groups, contributing to the continued advancement of its technical standards.

MWC Partners are a participating member of the PCI Security Standards Council. We have contributed to the evolving PCI standards and our continued membership ensures that we stay current with new standards.

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