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Cegid Retail
Live Store

Cegid Retail Live Store is a new generation of collaborative selling and customer service applications that help retailers streamline omnichannel customer journeys in store.

Live Store is a customer-facing omnichannel POS solution for sales associates, part of the Cegid Retail suite of products. Live Store provides queue busting, click and collect, E-reservations, endless aisle, loyalty and promotions, and HQ and store collaboration.

Intuitive, ergonomic and customisable, the solution offers the perfect balance between function, usability and design. It integrates seamlessly into your team’s daily operations to simplify sales and management. The attractive and responsive user interface makes it easy for sales associates to search for customer records, quickly find products to add to an order, and process transactions quickly.

Discover the key features

Branded, flexible home page

Access key information at any time, on any device. A customisable home page links to a searchable files system and knowledge base.

Queue busting

Scan items, associate with customer, put transaction on hold, recall transaction at fixed POS for payment.

Task management dashboard

Save time and make life easier for teams – embed clear and targeted task management to make store teams more productive.

Full check out

Create or recall transaction, associate with customer, take EFT, split and BNPL payments, send to fixed POS or create e-receipt.

Endless aisle

Search for products unavailable in store, select inventory location from which to sell, and arrange home delivery or pick-up instore.


Streamline omnichannel services in store with order in store, mixed transaction baskets, order tracking and ship from store.


Capture customer data, create account, view history, points and recommendations, upsell and take payment for services.

Flash reports

Measure and track compliance with KPIs – total sales, sales vs. target, average number of units per transaction and total quantity sold.


Identify customer, view purchases on customer timeline, select items to return with reason code, process refund via EFT terminal.

Cegid Retail Live Store is extensible, allowing customers and partners to develop add-ons to provide additional solutions to meet specific business requirements.

Live Store is available on fixed and mobile devices, on Windows, Android and iOS.

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