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Worldpay IPS and Cegid

23 Mar 2022

MWC Partners have integrated Worldpay IPS and Cegid Retail’s POS solutions by designing and developing a new payment connector. Payment connectors are an enabling piece of software that allow payment data to flow from a POS application to a payment service provider (PSP), and vice versa.

MWC Partners have worked closely with Worldpay since 2018. Having previously integrated Worldpay’s earlier payment software, IPC2, to Cegid Retail, the Worldpay team had full confidence that MWC’s dedicated payment systems team could design and build a solution to connect their new cloud-based Integrated Payment Server, ‘IPS’, to Cegid Retail.

The Worldpay IPS and Cegid integration is designed to work across all of Cegid’s Retail POS solutions, including Cegid Retail Y2, Cegid mPOS, and Cegid Retail Live Store, the company’s new series of intuitive and collaborative in-store apps.

Watch the video below to see the payment connector working with Cegid Retail Live Store.

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