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Upgrading Retail-J to Cegid Retail Y2 eBook

11 Nov 2020

In 2020, now more than ever, omnichannel retailing is no longer a nice-to-have but a pre-requisite for retail success. For Retail-J users looking for a replacement POS solution, key challenges include identifying the right software and the right implementation team, and ensuring a seamless, disruption-free system migration.

Retail-J Replacement

To deliver the services that customers desire, retailers need software that enables:

  • A single, unified view of sales and stock across all channels and the ability to allocate stock to meet customer demands.
  • The capability to take sales and process orders across multiple retail channels.
  • Streamlining of tasks such as stock-taking, goods-in, stock transfers and staff scheduling in order to increase staff time on the shop floor.
  • A POS platform that supports innovation – from the introduction of mobile technologies to the use of business intelligence to drive targeted customer offers.

Cegid Retail Y2 is the complete end-to-end unified POS solution. It has been created for retailers in the fashion and accessories, sporting goods, speciality and speciality food, luxury, cosmetics and beauty, department and independent store sectors. Modular, integrated and customer-centric, it helps retailers manage their business, streamline operations and optimise customers’ shopping experience in the era of connected retail and consumers.

Choosing the Right Implementation Partner

Choosing the right POS software is only half the challenge. Your choice of retail IT service partner is just as vital for a successful implementation and the ongoing support partnership you will expect to maintain for the life of the system.

As one of Cegid’s leading partners globally, MWC Partners not only sell and implement Cegid Retail Y2, but also offer an extensive range of services for prospective and existing users of the solution. MWC Partners have a proven track record in delivering software solutions and services to the retail market.

Proven Migration Strategy

MWC Partners have developed a proven pilot and migration strategy to move retailers from Retail-J to Cegid Retail Y2. This strategy is based on the successful model originally developed by the team at MWC Partners to help retailers migrate from their old systems to Retail-J. Download our eBook, Upgrading Retail-J to Cegid Retail Y2, to find out more.

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