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MWC Partners complete new Klarna Buy-Now-Pay-Later integration for Cegid Retail

31 Oct 2023

MWC Partners have completed a new integration between Klarna’s Buy-Now-Pay-Later payment software and Cegid Retail POS solutions. Since the completion of Klarna’s first integration with Cegid Retail at the beginning of 2023, Klarna have further enhanced their in-store transaction process and brought it in line with their eCommerce check-out process. The new architecture and integration significantly simplify and shorten the transaction process at the till and are compatible with the full suite of Cegid Retail POS solutions, Cegid Retail Y2, Live Store and mPOS.

The new architecture requires in-store customers wishing to pay with Klarna to scan a static QR code using the Klarna App on their smartphone, or simply to scanning the QR code with the smartphone’s camera. The static QR code is unique to every store and is displayed at the till point. Once scanned, the app displays a short code which is given to the sales associate to enter into Cegid Retail. The code triggers the creation of a new payment session within the Klarna app and automatically associates the transaction to the customer. Cegid Retail intermittently polls Klarna for the payment status whilst the customer authenticates the transaction on their smartphone. Once Klarna approves the transaction, MWC’s payment connector passes the approved status back to Cegid Retail which notifies the sales associate that the payment is approved, completing the transaction on the till.

Nitzan Tal, Head of In-Store Partnerships at Klarna, commented: “As Klarna continues to expand its offering in the physical stores space, we are delighted to be working again with MWC Partners on this important new integration. MWC’s deep knowledge and understanding of the full suite of Cegid Retail POS solutions, and of the operational challenges of implementing Buy-Now-Pay-Later solutions into physical retail stores, have been invaluable in delivering the project in a matter of weeks. As a result, we have a new integration available for Cegid customers prior to the peak holiday season. We are sure that shoppers and store teams will see the benefits straight away.”

Steve Watson, Chairman of MWC Partners said: “This new Cegid / Klarna payment connector marks the tenth payment integration that MWC Partners have completed this year, reinforcing our position in the market as being the first port of call for fintech solution providers looking to integrate with Cegid Retail. The timescales on this integration were particularly challenging as it was important to have delivered and validated the solution by the end of September before peak trading.”

With over twenty years’ experience in developing, implementing, supporting, and integrating payment software with POS solutions, MWC Partners bridge the technology and knowledge gap between in-store systems and payment software. MWC Partners’ dedicated payment software integrations team have helped many of the world’s leading payment service providers to develop solutions for physical retail. 

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